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little tikes


          - —-How long has it been since they first got here? It feels like only a day, so Nico didn’t think too much of it. His sister Bianca was talking to a girl with long braids and a long handmade dress. They were giggling and laughing. Nico was there all alone, staring at the checkers board in front of him. He had no one to play with. It didn’t bother him all that much, though. But Bianca not being close by made him nervous. Still, she was in sight, so it didn’t worry him as much as it would have.

            Just when he was about to go do something else, someone sat in the opposite chair in front of him. Nico looked up and smiled. "Hi! Do you know how to play?"

The Little Charles giggled and nodded, looking over too the newcomer since this hotel was boring with all the adults gambling away. He stood up and looked at Nico. “I’m Charles… who are you?’

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